How to Effectively Use Digital Math Centers In Your Classroom

How to Effectively Use Digital Math Centers In Your Classroom

The past several years have changed many things about teaching. There is more extensive reliance on technology in the classroom than ever before. Digital resources help us connect and continue learning wherever we are or need to be. Digital learning is here to stay. Embrace the technology and use it to your advantage. As you establish, review, and adjust your math centers for the next school year, look into some digital math center options for your classroom!



There are so many great ideas for math centers that can be incorporated into your classroom. First and foremost, you need to define math centers in your classroom. Some students may be new to math centers, and some have done math centers before. Either way, math centers in your classroom are probably new for them at the beginning of the school year. Identify procedures, expectations, and how you will introduce math centers to your class.

When introducing centers, introduce one center per day or even one per week. Math centers are exciting, new, and different for our young learners. Introducing one at a time sets them up to remember what to do at the center and the expectations for the math center.



Math centers are a great way to review and practice information taught within whole group math time. It allows students to figure things out and find practical applications through the fun centers you’ve designed for them. 

However, designing centers can be draining. Cutting out paper, ensuring the worksheets are in order, and all the supplies stay in the center can be time-consuming. If you incorporate some digital math centers into your math center rotation, you save time and effort. Your students will love access to a digital center through a smart device.



Morning Work

Digital Math Centers are a great way to help engage your students from the moment they enter the classroom. Morning Work can be daunting for elementary students; however, providing them with an interactive, easy-to-use digital platform can help combat some of those Morning Work woes. 

Using Digital Math Centers when students first arrive at school can help jumpstart their learning experience by allowing them to become comfortable with these concepts before lessons begin. Additionally, incorporating digital activities at the start of the day helps ensure that students are ready and prepared for future tasks!

Small Math Groups

Digital math centers can be beneficial when working with small groups of students. As small group instruction is known to be more effective, digital math centers can supplement the learning process and make guided math instruction more efficient. By arranging small groups around a device, students can engage with digital math resources in new fun ways. This could range from online activities, computer-based simulations, or video tutorials that help students understand the concept of new skills they’re trying to learn. These digital math centers can also be used by individuals needing extra practice on a topic. 

The small-group setting creates an accountability factor that encourages everyone to discuss and explore their ideas together. Therefore, digital math centers may increase student engagement and comprehension – critical objectives for any educational process.

Math Stations

In the ever-evolving era of digital learning, it can be challenging to determine when digital math centers should be used. Implementing independent math stations during your math block is a great way to ensure students are engaged even when working independently. Digital math centers strike a balance between providing meaningful experiences for students while also developing their technology skills. 

Any independent math station will provide an exciting and interactive opportunity for students to explore and practice math concepts in a hands-on format through activities such as instructional videos, game-based learning, and virtual manipulatives to solve math problems. Teachers can create a fun and engaging independent math center with minimal preparation or time. Digital math centers can bring excitement back into the classroom while enriching students’ technological skills- making them an invaluable asset in today’s educational landscape.



Digital Math Centers have revolutionized learning in the elementary classroom, making math educational and enjoyable for students. With the help of Google Slides and Boom Cards, teachers can now create interactive, self-paced activities that keep students engaged and motivated.

Google Slides is an innovative way for students to get extra math practice. Schools using Google classroom can easily integrate Slides into their structured curriculum. It helps the student by giving them a visual representation of the math equations they are studying, and it is interactive, making it more engaging than traditional methods of teaching. Furthermore, google slides allows teachers to provide individual feedback, and track each student’s progress over time. This platform has democratized the education space, and given many children access to invaluable learning opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Boom cards are another tremendous digital resource; they provide interactive math centers that allow students to practice grade-level skills and have fun playing math games simultaneously. Another great thing about Boom cards is that they provide instant feedback to the student. They also offer instant feedback to the teacher to see what each student is struggling with.

Students can use Google Slides and Boom Cards to practice their problem solving. Using digital math centers allows them to participate in their learning while having fun doing it actively! It also allows adults in charge to quickly assess every student’s understanding of the concept and tailor each activity accordingly. Digital Math Centers are a great way to make learning educational and fun.

Furthermore, ideas like virtual scavenger hunts or math mystery stories are an easy way to incorporate more exciting activities into google slides while still working on grade-level skills. Digital centers will keep both students and teachers creatively engaged with technology.

There are so many ideas for digital math centers out there. For our young learners, we’ll focus on the skills pertinent to their stage of learning.


Number Lines & Number Charts

To master numbers, try this Number Line to 100 Boom Cards Great Digital Math Center. This math resource will allow students to interact with the activity on their learning device to relate counting to addition and subtraction.

Do you need some help with a counting review for your class? The 120 Chart Fill in Missing Numbers Digital Boom Task Cards are the perfect resource for your classroom. Students can drag and drop missing numbers into place in this fun chart.

Monthly Bundles

Are you looking for a way to combine math worksheets and digital learning? I have monthly First Grade No Prep Math Worksheet Packets + TPT EASEL Activities. Follow this link to find all 12 months. You will be set for the whole year with these great resources!

You will also find great digital math center material in the Fall Add/Subtract BUNDLE Interactive BOOM Cards. This resource has 16 different sets of Boom Cards for all your fall-themed adding and subtracting needs.

Once you figure out your fall resources, you’ll need something for the spring. I have a google slides game resource for spring you need to check out. The K-2 Math Google Slides Game Spring Themed resource is perfect for reviewing and enjoying applying new math skills.

The Math Resource Bundle of ALL Bundles

If you think the resources above will be helpful for you and you have a hard time choosing which ones to purchase, I can help you with that decision. You should get all of them. There’s an easy way to do that. The K-2 Math Boom Cards Never Ending Bundle has all the math boom card resources I’ve developed so far, and you will have access to all of the decks I will develop in the future. There are 67 boom card decks right now, but that will only increase over time. Follow this link to get this great deal.


Finding ways to practice using digital centers in your classroom is a great way to help students gain knowledge and experience with technology. Working through practice activities can help students develop skills necessary for problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. At the same time, practice allows them to become more familiar with the technologies they use while improving their levels of engagement and self-confidence. 

Digital math centers can be customized to engage each student at their learning level, allow for practice and exposure in safe environments, and provide additional support when needed. With careful planning, practice with digital centers can generate an enjoyable learning experience that allows students to get comfortable with technology while mastering top-tier skills.

Incorporating math centers into your classroom will help your students get extra practice with practical applications of the math concepts they are learning. Besides that, they are fun! Digital math centers are even better because they require less prep work for you, and your students will have fun being allowed some extra screen time during the day. It’s a win-win for everyone. With all the ideas and resources available, it is time to use digital math centers today. 

As you can see, digital math centers are beneficial tools that engage students and help teachers provide effective instruction. Combining this with hands-on activities and discussion will help foster meaningful connections to the math content. Digital math centers may seem overwhelming initially, but once you’ve tried them, you’ll be amazed at the results! 

Use digital resources as a fun way to review or introduce new concepts without getting bogged down in paperwork. With digital math centers, your students can learn independently and discover factual learning opportunities independently. It’s a powerful tool that all educators should use – so what are you waiting for? Let your creativity flow and start designing your unique digital math center today!

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