50+ Fun Kid Activities For March (March Classroom Activities and Ideas)

50+ Fun Kid Activities For March (March Classroom Activities and Ideas)

The month of March can be exciting for classroom teachers as the days grow longer and spring peaks around the corner. With St Patrick’s Day, warmer weather, and the excitement of mid-year tests out of the way, you can use this time to find fun activities that your students will have so much fun! 


In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 50+ fantastic kid activities for March — everything from arts and crafts projects that infuse literary classics like How To Catch A Leprechaun with new life to games such as nature scavenger hunts designed especially for small groups. These lesson plans are designed to get your students thinking outside their comfort zones and give them something engaging (and sometimes even educational) to do after classes. Get ready to explore our list of creative ideas that will bring laughter into any grade level!


Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is the perfect time to incorporate fun activities into your classroom. There are countless ways to recognize, celebrate and honor women throughout history, from influential leaders to unsung change makers. From making origin stories to baking gender-inclusive desserts, your students will learn while having a lot of fun in the process! Unleash their creativity as they explore what female empowerment looks like today. Now, more than ever, let’s continue supporting women who have substantially contributed to our lives – both near and far.

Social Studies:

Watch historical documentaries

Learn about famous women political leaders and how they influenced others

Make a timeline of women in history

Create a family tree

Create a Women’s History bulletin board to highlight women in history


Discover women scientists through books:

Read about Mae Jemison and becoming an astronaut

Celebrate Sally Ride as an astronaut

Marie Currie and her role in science

Creative Writing Topics:

Write a letter to a woman in your life that have been most inspirational

Write a Report on an Influential Woman from History


Read several excellent books about women in history

About women in sports

Read poems by women poets

Learn about the famous women in film and TV


Check out these great Women’s History Month lessons and activities from Education World. 


Read Across America

As teachers, we know how critical reading is for our student’s development. Read Across America Day provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate a love of books and the joys of literacy. There are many ways to mark this special day in your classroom while fostering enthusiasm around reading. From making literary-themed snacks to setting up collaborative activities, plenty of engaging Read Across America classroom activities can involve the whole class and get everyone excited about picking up a book!

Every year National Education Association (NEA) hosts Read Across America Day. This day usually occurs on Dr. Seuss’ Birthday (March 2nd). The NEA used to partner with Dr. Seuss but has recently encouraged children to read various books.

Although NEA has stopped promoting Dr. Seuss, teachers across America still celebrate his love of reading.

NEA has created an activity calendar for your lesson planning on its website to continue throughout the year. They feature three monthly books (for younger students, middle grades, and young adults). They give suggestions for discussions and activities to go along with each book.


St Patrick’s Day Themed Activities

Social Studies: 

Learn about the history of St. Patricks Day. Discuss how things are the same and how they are different.

Discuss the history of St. Patrick


Purchase lucky charms. Graph how many of each marshmallow is in each serving.


Learn about rainbows and what creates rainbows.

Reading: Here are a few great books for St. Patrick’s Day.

How to Catch a Leprechaun

My Weird School Special: The Leprechaun Is Finally Gone!

How to Trap a Leprechaun (Magical Creatures and Crafts)

Creative Writing Topics:

How To Catch A Leprechaun

What I Would Do With A Pot Of Gold

Write a Limerick

STEAM: Create a leprechaun trap.

Physical Education: Learn an Irish Step Dance (youtube)


Another fun way to celebrate is rearranging the furniture and hiding golden coins around the room. When the students return from lunch, PE, specials, etc., tell them that the sneaky leprechaun has made a mess of the room and hidden some gold coins. Allow the children to receive one coin and sit back in their seats.


March Madness

Are you ready for the fun of March Madness? This annual celebration of college basketball is an excellent opportunity to get students excited about learning. With the excitement and energy of this popular event in the air, why not use it as an inspiring tool for March classroom activities and lessons? From round-robin tournaments to exploring team mascots, your students can have a blast while improving their knowledge and engaging with academic material. Here are some awesome March Madness classroom activities that are perfect for all grade levels. Read on to find out more!


Social Studies:

History of March Madness

Mascot trivia

Basketball History

Discuss famous basketball players

Research “Bracketology”


Create a geography chart that shows where each team is from


Print out a pre-made mascot bracket after the teams have been set and have the students predict who will win. (consider doing a mini bracket of just 16 teams vs. the total 64 teams)

Count and sort basketballs

Measure the height of a basketball hoop

Discuss the different shapes in basketball (including the basketball court)

Create a math review game using a basketball and a basketball hoop. (toss the basketball to the student to answer the problem. If they get the answer correct, they will shoot for the hoop. If they score, they get one point for their team)

Creative Writing Topics:

Write an instruction guide on how to play basketball (discuss different ways to play basketball. Traditional , horse, pig, etc.)

Who is your favorite basketball player?


Read biographies of great basketball players

Discuss basketball terms


Design a mascot

Design a jersey

make a necklace or key chain with orange and white beads

Design a basketball court

Make noisemakers


Build a basketball tower (provide supplies of tape, newspaper, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, string, etc.)

Create your own tournament game


For an educational break during March Madness week, show this Kid Explorer video to your class, and learn some fun history!


Spring Activities

Spring activities in the classroom can be a great way to kick off the new semester with an exciting and engaging start. With various interactive activities, you can help keep your students motivated and on track for success throughout the rest of their school year. 


From science experiments to art projects, there are plenty of ways to make learning fun during this time of year – especially when flowers bloom, and temperatures rise! Let’s explore unique, meaningful, educational ideas to give your students something to look forward to daily!



Observe and record the signs of spring. Discuss and record the following:

Weather changes

Animal behaviors


Environment (trees, lakes, etc.)

Create a nature scavenger hunt

March is also a great time to teach about plants, bug life cycles, water cycle, and rainbows.

Social Studies:

Discuss animal behaviors and different holidays in spring.


Graph Weather Data

Sort, Count, and Graph Fruit Loops and/or Skittles (rainbow)

Count Seeds


When Spring Comes

Singing In The Rain

Spring Is Here: A Bear and Mole Story

Creative Writing Topics:

Spring Is In The Air

If you could go anywhere for spring break, where would you go?

Describe a perfect spring day.

Describe the types of plants you would plant in a spring garden.

Use your senses to describe spring.

Write a letter to a good friend


Easter Activity Ideas

Sometimes we celebrate Easter in March, and sometimes it is in April. Easter is an excellent opportunity for classroom teachers to engage their students in meaningful activities to encourage learning and fun. From arts and crafts projects to engaging educational activities, there are many ways to create holiday memories while fostering an appreciation of springtime’s beauty. 


These Easter-themed classroom activities can bring your lessons alive while implementing important standards-based content. Whether it’s math worksheets or scavenger hunts, there is something here everyone will enjoy.



The Good Egg (The Food Group)

The Berenstain Bears and The Real Easter Eggs

It’s Not Easy a Bunny

Creative Writing Topics:

What do you want to tell the Easter bunny?

If I were the Easter Bunny, I would…

Describe how to decorate an Easter egg

Describe an Easter Egg Hunt


Sort, Count, and graph jelly beans

Use Dice in a see-through egg. Have students shake the egg and count the dots.

Discuss Easter or Spring shapes


Rabbit Life Cycle

Dissolving Jelly Beans: Fill some mason jars with different types of liquid (vinegar, water, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Witch Hazel, etc.) Place jelly beans into the jars to see which liquid will dissolve the jelly bean first.

Social studies:

History of Easter

History of the chocolate bunny


March is a great time to get creative and have fun with your kids. With so many activities available, everyone will indeed find something they enjoy the entire month! From crafting butterflies and rainbows to painting with pinecones and playing board games, there’s no shortage of engaging activities that will keep your kids entertained. 


And remember the educational value of many of these fun March classroom ideas and activities. With a hands-on, age-appropriate exploration of topics related to the season, your children can learn while they play. 


Regardless of how you decide to spend your time in March with your family, be sure to take advantage of all these child’s activities have to offer! Click the links below for even more resources on fun Kid Activities for March, and remember that it’s always essential–no matter what time of year—to spend quality time together as a family.


I hope you have an excellent March! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me teachingfiddleheads@gmail.com


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