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Looking for a fun and effective way to learn L blends?  This resource has hands-on and effective ways to help students learn the different phonetic sounds that make up words. Each set comes with a variety of activities that can be used in small groups or centers, so students can get the personalized attention they need. Plus, the cute and colorful designs will keep students engaged and motivated.

So if you’re looking for a way to help your students learn phonics, check out these L blends sets from L Blends.

Each activity is designed to be fun and engaging, so kids will be excited to learn. The activities are easy to set up and use, so you’ll be able to get started quickly. So if you want to help your child learn how to read and spell words with L blends.

This resource is a hands-on and effective way to work with L blends. The activities are perfect for intervention, small group instruction, whole group, ELA rotations, or center activities. They are also perfect for differentiation and can be used with a variety of skill levels.

This resource has posters, picture cards, games, and interactive worksheets that make learning to read FUN!

This L blends resource includes the following activities:

Roll, Read, and Write words and sentences (worksheet provided)

Word puzzles



See, Say, and Spell

Word family reading strips (worksheet provided)

Word posters

Word sound picture cards

Dot read cards

Short Stories

Elkonin picture cards with boxes

Word family wristbands

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L Blends

L Blends Hands-On Phonics Centers and Small Group Activities