Volume and Measurement Math Mystery Theatre Game | Easter


Volume and Measurement Math Mystery Theatre Game Volume and Measurement Math Mystery Theatre Game


Students will practice Volume & Measurement while solving a mystery. This set includes 10 clue question and 10 evidence clues to help them solve the mystery. It is perfect for exploring 5th Grade math skills and critical thinking.

If you like theatre mystery, you will like this spin-off game appropriate for elementary school. Students will love exploring volumes and measurement through these fun activities, and won’t even realize how much they’re learning!

Prep is quick and easy… Just print the student pages, gather the materials listed, and you’re ready for a fun and engaging class!

Volume and Measurement Math Mystery Theatre Game

How to play:

You and your students are about to embark on a fun-filled math mystery activity! Students will be given characters to act out as they solve the mystery of who took the Easter eggs. Throughout the game the students will solve a clue with math problems (Common Core aligned). When they solve a clue, they will be provided with evidence. At the end of the activity, they will use all the evidence to solve who stole the gold. Awards can be given for Best Detective, Best Actor, Best Problem Solver.

Grade: 5th Grade Standards-

Volume (5.MD.3-5) and Measurement Conversions (5.MD.1)

Players: 8-30

What is included:


Crime File

30 Names (sticker labels)

30 Character Cards

Detective Notes

10 Clue Cards (Each Contain 3-4 problems for students to solve)

10 Answer Keys to Clue Cards

10 Evidence Cards

Finale (a reveal of who stole Cupid’s arrow)

Accusation Cards

3 Trophies

What you will need:

Paper (Color and Cardstock is recommended)


Sticker Labels (Avery 5160)

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Volume and Measurement Math Mystery Theatre Game

Volume and Measurement Math Mystery Theatre Game | Easter